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  Creative Gourds Cabin High above Beaver Lake Located Deep in the Ozark Mountains
 Ozark Mountain Cabin - Sharon Ellsworth Gourd Artist

The cabin, which was lovingly built on poles embedded on rock cliffs, is about 200 feet above Beaver lake. It is surrounded by an expansive deck and gives us the feeling of perching with eagles.

We have to trek across six miles of bumpy dirt roads to reach the entry drive. We are located 90 minutes from the nearest town.
  Sharon Ellsworth and Julie Ellsworth at the Ozark Cabin
  Sher and Julie have been crafting together for nearly 10 years!

"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

Ozark Mountain Cabin used by Sharon Ellsworth, Gourd Artist
  View from the deck - Beaver Lake is below
with 475 miles of wilderness shoreline.
Every day we see deer, soaring eagles and hawks,
wild turkeys, speedy little road runners, armadillos
and an endless supply
of mostly friendly wilderness critters. 
  Creative Gourds - Etched Gourds - Side Cabin Deck
  Cabin side deck - No other homes are visible...in any direction!
Our minds are filled with the sounds of the
lake, birds, and gentle evening breezes.
  Sharon Ellsworth Surrounded by Her Wonderful Gourds Gourds
  Sher.. finishing touches on a beautiful September afternoon
  Uncle Sam Mustering the Troups - Sharon Ellsworth's Creative Gourds at Ozark Mountain Cabin
  Uncle Sam mustering the troupes
  Ozark Mountain Hotspot on Beaver Lake -  Creative Gourds Cabin
  Our Internet Connection  - We keep our internet "hotspot" in an ice cooler to protect it from the elements and to keep it cool. 
All of our web authoring is done from this
little blue cooler we named Frigid Bridget.

Our phone service is mobile only, on a good day!
  Julie Ellsworth painting a gourd at the Ozark Cabin
  Julie painting gourds in the Ozarks.  Doesn't get better!
  Nighttime Falls on Beaver Lake at Creative Gourds
  Nighttime on Beaver Lake.  Coyotes Singing, Trickling Water,
Crickets in Polyphonic Bliss
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