Flower attached to the gourd is a Sunflower Pod, and I have also attached a row of Long-Leaf Pine Needles, as well as Gourd Seeds and Turquoise Beads
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Decorative, Birdhouse, Halloween and Christmas Gourds for Sale
  This large birdhouse is decorated with a fruit and leaf motif with one golden bird perched on a branch. The hole is 1.5" diameter which is preferred by Wrens, Swallows, and Bluebirds. The bottom has been drilled with smaller holes for drainage and ventilation. The exterior has been triple coated with exterior varnish for the protection of the colorful design. The interior has been left natural for the birds.
  SIZE: 7” Diameter x 13” High
"Golden Opportunity" Item # bh-327
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"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

  This green-eyed beauty is all dressed up for Halloween.  She really  likes the pumpkin that she found so much that she cannot bear the thought of carving a face in it and so she has decided to keep it whole - it will last longer that way, and that is why she has a great big smile on her face.
  SIZE: 5.25” Diameter x 8” High, including the stem
"Lady Wisteria" Item # h-228
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  This large birdhouse gourd has been painted with a light greenish blue background and berry motif. It's hole is 1.5" diameter which Wrens, Swallows and Bluebirds prefer, though other species may like it as well. The bottom has been drilled with several smaller holes for drainage and ventilation. The exterior has been triple sealed with varnish to last through the seasons. The interior has been left natural for the birds.
  SIZE: 7.5” Diameter x 11.75 High
"Serenity Place" Item # bh-328
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  I have decorated this gourd bowl by painting a line drawing of a Buffalo, using a 00-script-liner brush and black paint.  This proud, strong fellow is painted against the natural color of the gourd, and the rest of the gourd is dyed green.

The rim of the gourd has been covered with two Philodendron Sheaths and has Gourd Seeds and Turquoise Beads sewn below.  An Old Stone Arrowhead is suspended from a strand of Turquoise Beads.  We are told that this arrowhead is at least 1,000 years old, based on the manner in which it was made.
  SIZE: 8.5” Diameter x 6.25” High
"Healing Spirit" Item # 25-b-231
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  Sail boats are one of my favorite things to paint and draw. The wind seems to be always sculpting their sails into different, interesting shapes. This bowl has been painted all the way around in ocean blues and greens that meet a sandy golden shore. The reverse side has a small blue marlin jumping out of the water. Natural colored raffia has been wrapped around the rim with glass beads and a heart pod attached.
  SIZE: 8” Diameter x 6” High
"Ships That Go Sailing" Item # b-334
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  Here is another Uncle Sam gourd doll.  He stands tall and proud, as all Americans should, and is dressed in red, white, & blue, with his top hat tucked under his arm.  Pearl-colored buttons grace his dress shirt and he has five golden buttons on his vest. 
  SIZE: 5.5” Diameter x 9” High, including the stem
"Uncle Sam, #1" Item # d-230
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  Who says black cats can’t be lucky? This spooky jack-o-lantern is black with metallic silver stripes and contrasting orange around the cut-out eyes and mouth. It is lit using a small 7-1/2 watt bulb with a brown electrical cord.
  SIZE: 7” Diameter x 12.5” High
"Lucky" Item # h-328
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  I first painted an Olde World Globe on a gourd in the 1980's, and it has since been a favorite design of mine.  The basic outlines of the continents are painted, along with the longitudinal and latitudinal lines.  My favorite motto, first penned by William Ernest Henley (1849-1903), is painted inside the compass rose:  "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

Land masses, great seas, and oceans are all whimsically named by me.  The waters west of Japan are known as "Seas of the Dragon"; the Caribbean Islands are here called "Angell Isles"; the Atlantic Ocean has been renamed "The Sea of Great Hopes", with a Tall Ship carrying her valiant passengers to the "Shores of Freedom", and all this is under the white stars of The Northern Lights.

So go the follies of my mind, and I hope you will enjoy this rendition of an Olde World Globe.
  SIZE:  This is a Giant Gourd, with a Whopping
Circumference of 37.5". It is 10.5” High, including the stem.
"Giant Olde World Globe" Item # d-231
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  A little piece of the tropics for your home. This small gourd has a wonderful shape to it and has been simply painted with the transparent colors of the shore. It is decorated with queen palm, sea shells and turquoise beads
  SIZE: 5” Diameter x 3.5” High, including the stem
"She Sells Sea Shells" Item # b-335
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  I have again drawn an outline of a horse in the manner of an American Indian Petroglyph, and have stained him a mottled brown and black with a black mane and tail.  The curved top has been rimmed with Long Leaf Pine Needles, to which I have attached a red stone and a feather.
  SIZE: 7.75” Diameter x 7.25” High
"Runs With Eagles" Item # b-232
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