Flower attached to the gourd is a Sunflower Pod, and I have also attached a row of Long-Leaf Pine Needles, as well as Gourd Seeds and Turquoise Beads
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Decorative, Birdhouse, Halloween and Christmas Gourds for Sale  
  This gourd has some great natural textures to it. I simply enhanced the natural color of it and etched oak leaves around the sides. The rim has been finished with long leaf pine needles and genuine turquoise beads. The outside has been sealed and the inside left natural.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 7.5 High
"Oak Leaves and Turquoise Beads" Item # d-327
  $45.00 In Stock
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"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

  Here we have another gourd box, that has been stained in rich shades of red and rust, with the natural color of the gourd peeking through the stains here and there.  Long Leaf Pine Needles have been coiled around the top.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 5.5 High, including the stem
"Hidden Treasures" Item # x-227

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  The etched design on this vase was inspired by a philodendron leaf I used around the rim. The surface of the gourd has been painted with transparent inks so the texture of the gourd is still visible.
  SIZE: 4.5 Diameter x 9 High
"Desert Waves" Item # 25-d-329
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  This jolly little fellow will grace a table setting, perhaps as a centerpiece with greenery surrounding him and candles on either side, or maybe sitting on a bookshelf or other spot in your home that needs a Santa Claus as a small part of your Christmas decor.  He would also make a terrific hostess gift or a present for that special child.
  SIZE: 5.5 Diameter x 6.5 High
"Santa" Item # sc-226

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  Add a little beachy flare to your home with this small, uncut gourd. It has been painted with transparent inks and etched all the way around with beach motifs. Sure to add a touch of sunshine to anywhere you place it.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 7 High
"Life's A Beach!" Item # d-331
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  I have cut this gourd with a curved top, which has been enhanced with Long Leaf Pine Needles and Gourd Seeds.  The black lizard has Abalone Shell pieces inlaid down his back, and he is seeking out another piece of Abalone Shell, that just happens to be dangling down very close to him.
  SIZE: 8.5 Diameter x 6.5 High
"Balsam" Item #25-b-230
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  I've always loved decorating the table with colorful gourds for Thanksgiving and fall get-togethers.  I don't love that at the end of the season, the gourds start to mold and get tossed in the trash.  This gourd has been dried so it won't spoil and then painted with high quality acrylics and sealed to last season after season.
  SIZE: 7 Diameter x 5.5 High
"First Harvest" Item # 25-d-333
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  I have cut a crescent-shaped opening in this gourd, and painted a black lizard slowly climbing up the side, his long tail dragging across the opening.  He is inlaid with Abalone Shells.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 7 High
Item # 25-d-227
  "Miss Lizzy" $96.00
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  This small, understated gourd vase has been etched with a single Philodendron leaf. Would be nice filled with dried flowers or all by itself.
  SIZE: 4.5 Diameter x 5.5 High
"Solitaire" Item # d-339
  $25.00 In Stock
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  Bringing fresh carrots in from the garden for the homemade stew is a chore that this farmer loves to do, because his Mrs. makes the very best stew in their county!  This farmer is all decked out in a red paisley-print shirt and his Levi coveralls.  I hope he remembers to remove the garden tools from his left hip pocket before he sits down to dinner!
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 11 High, including the stem
Item # d-233
  "Carrot Farmer" $50.00

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