Flower attached to the gourd is a Sunflower Pod, and I have also attached a row of Long-Leaf Pine Needles, as well as Gourd Seeds and Turquoise Beads
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Decorative, Birdhouse, Halloween and Christmas Gourds for Sale Sharon Ellsworth's Astor Gourd is a beautiful etched gourd.


"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

Philodendron plants have long been a favorite of mine and have always found a welcoming place in which to thrive in our homes. I suppose it is because I was not born with a green thumb, but rather had to learn the hard way about caring for house plants. My first trailing vine philodendron plant was the first plant to grow and thrive in our home, rewarding me with a copious number of 16'-24' long vines with a profusion of beautiful leaves.

This gourd has been dyed and then etched in the form of Philodendron Leaves. The interior has been painted black and the gourd has been sealed, inside and out, for easy care in the years to come. I stitched Long-Leaf Pine Needles to the rim and finished off the decorations with a Heart Pod, a Gourd Seed, Turquoise Beads and Feathers.

I visualize this bowl being used for a dried flower arrangement, a vessel for potpourri, or simply a decorative piece for a bookshelf or table, but you may have other ideas for this gourd, and I would love to hear your thoughts.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 4.75 High 
"Aster" Item # b-226
  When the maple leaves start to turn, I'm instantly transported to my time in Vermont, where displays of autumn color are particularly spectacular. I hope the colors on this small gourd transport you to your favorite memories of fall. The gourd has been decorated with long leaf pine needles and transparent inks. The interior has been left natural. Would make a great container for autumn-scented potpourri!
  SIZE: 5.5 Diameter x 5.5 High
"Turning Leaves" Item # b-327
  Creative Gourds - Carved Gourd
  The beginning of fall colors surrounding the cabin has inspired the work on this gourd.

The background of this gourd has been left in its natural color. I have carved out portions from the background to form various leaves and those leaves have been dyed to represent the colors I see outside my windows. The gourd was then sealed to preserve its natural beauty.
  SIZE: 9 Diameter x 10 High, including the stem
"Falling Leaves" Item # d-226
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  This maple leaf vessel would make a great addition to your fall decor. Burnt orange and red leaves circle the outside of the bowl. The rim has been finished with long leaf pine needles.
  SIZE: 6 Diameter x 6 High
"Autumn Jewels" Item # b-329
  This work was inspired by a pen and ink drawing I had once seen, and which I felt compelled to render in an etching on my favorite canvas - a gourd. My dear husband loves this gourd the best, amongst all my works. I suppose it is the simplicity of the work that pleases him.

The flower attached to the gourd is a Sunflower Pod, and I have also attached a row of Long-Leaf Pine Needles, as well as Gourd Seeds and Turquoise Beads.
  SIZE: 7.5 Diameter x 5.25 High 
"Miss Abby" Item # b-227
  Transport yourself to the sea shore with this painted and etched gourd vessel. Use it to house washed up treasures you've brought home from vacation and place anywhere you want to be reminded of the beach!
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 5.5 High
"Gone Swimming" Item # b-331
  Creative Gourds - Small Decoratice Box - Gourd Art
  This darling little gourd has been made into a box that can hold your simple treasures.
I have stained this gourd with the earth colors of a deep, rich brown and a light leaf green, along with a touch of burnt autumn orange, which appears more red in this photograph. The natural pale tan of this gourd peeks through in different places.

The top of this gourd has been cut and lifts off to reveal the natural interior of the gourd. I have stitched Long-Leaf Pine Needles to the top in order to conceal the fact that this is, in fact, a box, and three tiny feathers adorn the top.
  SIZE: 5.5 Diameter x 3.5 High 
"My Treasures" Item # x-226

In its native habitat, the philodendron plant loves to climb trees and its name translates to "tree lover".  When dried their leaves make wonderful rims for bowls and vases. Here, etched philodendron leaves circle the bowl and it has been finished with a dried leaf. The outside of the bowl has been sealed and the inside was left natural.

  SIZE: 7 Diameter x 4 High
"Tree Lover" Item # b-333
  Creative Gourds Petroglyphs Bowl - Indian Gourd Art
  Horses have always held a special place in my heart, from the time I was a child to the present day. In the distant past, I rode horses daily, gentling, training, and showing them in both the dressage and jumping events.
I have long been intrigued by Native American petroglyphs, and I expect that this interest has inspired some of the images found on my gourds.

Here I have drawn a simple image of a horse, stained and outlined it, all against the natural color of the gourd. A dried Philodendron Sheath has been sewn to the top edge of the gourd, and Gourd Seeds, Turquoise Beads, and Feathers have been added. 
  SIZE: 8 Diameter x 5.75 High 
"Runs With Wind" Item # b-229
  This cheery red bowl has been wood burned and etched with candy canes to add a little Christmas to your home decor. The red color is slightly transparent which allows the natural variations in the gourd to show through. "Merry Christmas" has been wood burned on the back of the bowl.
  SIZE: 6.5 Diameter x 5 High
"Holly Jolly" Item # c-326
  Just Added - description and measurements coming soon.
  SIZE: 5 Diameter x 8 High
"Jumping Deer" Item # d-240
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