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Sharon Ellsworth Ozark Mountain Cabin - Gourd Art, Painted Gourds, Decorative Gourds 

Sher grew up in Michigan, but has lived in wonderful places around the world including Bermuda, Colorado, New York, London and Singapore.  An accomplished crafter and outdoors woman, Sher spent many years backpacking and wilderness camping with her husband throughout the Sierras and Rocky Mountains.  A more complete profile of Sher is located here.
Julie, Sher's daughter-in-law, is a professional artist born in Vermont, and educated in North Carolina. Julie has a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design and is an accomplished painter, sculptor, graphic artist and crafter. Like Sher, Julie is inspired by and loves working with nature's many gifts. A more complete profile of Julie is located here.

We both love to create gourd art and are happy to do custom designs.

Most of our craft is created in and around a bucolic cabin perched in a beautiful setting located deep within the Ozark Mountains. If you would like to see photos of the cliff top cabin and inspirational Ozark surroundings, please click here
Julie selecting a gourd for
her next project!

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Ozark Mountain Cabin used by Sharon Ellsworth, Gourd Artist
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"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

Sharon Ellsworth Painting at the Ozark Cabin for Creative Gourds
  Sher on a Sunny September Afternoon
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