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Creative Gourds can be seen at the Eureka Thyme Gallery in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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Creative Gourds make wonderful gifts and beautiful decor items for your home.

Artists Sharon and Julie Ellsworth create stunning carved, painted, and naturally decorated gourd art into bowls, vases, and birdhouses along with beautifully crafted Christmas and holiday gourds.

Many of our gourds are etched or wood burned and are decorated with gem stones and a variety pine needles, leather, plant leaves, feathers and other wonderful items that occur naturally in our outdoor world. 

We create much of our Gourd Art at a remote cabin located in the Ozark Mountains at Beaver Lake, where we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful fauna and wildlife nature has to offer.  Our love for the wilderness of northwestern Arkansas provides inspiration and direction for our craft.

Whether for your home or as a gift for a friend or loved one, Creative Gourds light up your decor and delight your friends.
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"We love creating gourd art of painted gourds, etched gourds, carved gourds, and a wide variety of decorative gourds and gourd gifts including Holiday gourds, Christmas gourds, tree house gourds, and Halloween gourds!"

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